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After six months…

So… I’m back! It’s been quite a while (six months by the way) and a lot has happened. I got married in October last year, and right now, expecting a baby girl. I’m exactly at 38 weeks and 7 days. It felt like 6 years to me!

I decided to write again since I ran out of things to do at home while waiting for labor and delivery. I was thinking of creating another blog about being a mom or a wife but nah, maybe I’ll just stick to this original blog and see what will come up in the future.

(c) Franz Allan Barol | 2015 | Batangas, Philippines
(c) Franz Allan Barol | 2015 | Batangas, Philippines

Ah yes, I’m now married! (see Frankly, it wasn’t the fairytale wedding that I really wanted but I was as magical and lovely! We only had two months to plan and I thank God that it turned out well despite all the challenges. I was pregnant at three months that time so just imagine the mix of physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties. However, I can say it was all worth it! And what’s more rewarding is that I’ll be seeing my little bundle of joy in a few days!

Wish me luck and prayers! 🙂