At lunch break today I deleted all my blog entries  [posts,photos,videos] since 2010. Yes, I deleted everything!

Was I insane? Yes! And I realized that just now because how can I trash all the three-years worth of posts?! But it’s so weird why I haven’t felt even a bit of remorse or regret upon hitting that Trash button. Maybe because I have this tendency to spontaneously act without thinking? Or because I’m bored?  Ooor maybe because I want something new? — A fresh new start?


(c) Martin Zeng
(c) Martin Zeng


YES! A new start! And for the past three crazy- what – the- hell- am- i – doing- years of my life, I never felt so good. And happy!!! So this might be a start of something new!

But maybe this is temporary. Another episode of my occasional tantrums? Oh well, let’s see how far I can go with my MAYANIMOSITIES.


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